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We are Post Oak Paranormal Society based in Fredericksburg, VA.

 P.O.P.S. was founded in 2011 by Jane, Steve, Jim, and Mandy Czajkowski of Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  The P.O.P.S family is a group like minded people who are skeptical in in different degrees, and simply want to help our clients understand what they may or may not be experiencing. We ALWAYS try to disprove or explain claims, stories, legends, or even experiences through scientific evidence and common sense. P.O.P.S. does not charge for services and will NEVER ask for donations for our service from any client or patron. If you ever feel uneasy, scared, or even curious about experiences you have in your home, business, or location, please feel free to contact us for help or questions. We are always discreet, we always respond to questions, and we WILL get an answer for you.


-Steve and the entire POPS team



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